X Ray Technician Salary

The nursing shortages and current economic crisis throughout the United States of America have compelled individuals and professionals to opt for the medical field because the rapid advancement in the medical sector and introductions of the innovative technologies in this field has opened up vast job avenues for the qualified medical personnel.

Among different types of medical professionals, X Ray Technicians also plays very important role in exposing images that can assist physicians in treatments and diagnosis. They are expert in exposing images of different internal body parts. These exposed images are essential for further diagnosing of ailments, injuries, bone fractures and other body problems.  The diagnosing procedures are carried out by looking and studying the exposed X Ray films by the doctors and advance practice specialty nurses. The important place occupied by the X Ray technician in today’s medical field also earn them handsome X Ray Technician Salary.

Job description

The education and training of  X Ray technicians make them proficient in various body imaging procedures. They are trained in using X Ray equipments and expose images of internal body parts of human body. The doctors, advanced practice nurses, specialty nurses and others qualified health care professionals diagnose and treat the ailing or injured patients by analyzing and looking at the X Ray reports.

Job Places

X Ray technicians can be found working in various types of environments. The film exposing skills are always needed in hospitals, X Ray diagnostic centers, private and public clinics, radiology clinics, dental offices and physician’s offices.  These medical professionals are employed in these centers for exposing X Rays of internal body parts to locate and diagnose injuries, diseases and ailments. On occasions, these medical professionals also extend their image exposing skills beside X Rays and perform CAT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds.

In addition, they also perform certain clerical tasks including documentation of X Ray reports, scheduling appointments of patients with the doctor, attending telephone calls and others.

Job Qualities

You must also remember that to carry out body imaging process, X Ray technicians must possess calm manners and amicable behavior because, every day they come across and attend all age group patients including infants, child, teenager and elderly citizens that may be suffering from injuries, diseases and ailments. Many of these individuals are not able to sit, lie down and stand, or the ailments and injuries may make them uncooperative.

In these circumstances it becomes essential that these medical professionals must keep their calm demeanor and make patient as comfortable as possible for exposing films, CAT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds. It is also their responsibility that the outcome of X Ray results must never be discussed with the patients. Few X Ray technicians are skillful and may identify the outcomes but the duty to interpret, diagnose and treat the patient is the job of physicians.

Risks of X Ray Technician Jobs

Though, you may be paid attractive X Ray Technician Salary but as a x-ray technician, you must remember that your job is not bereft of hazards and risks. Frequent exposure of X Rays films have resulted in developments of cancers due to the radiation through the X Ray machine. Therefore, it is very essential that certain precautionary measures must be carried out to minimize the risks, such as risky and open body parts must be blocked with sheets of lead or walls while exposing the X Rays.

X Ray Technician Training

In order to gain knowledge and skills of operating X Ray equipments, taking X Rays of internal body parts and for understanding preventive measures, you must be thoroughly trained in the X Ray technology field. The schooling to become a X Ray technician can be completed through community colleges, universities, tech institutes, military branches, and also from hospitals.

You have the option of completing X Ray training of your own choice including:

  • One Year certificate program
  • Two Year associate degree program
  • Four Year bachelor degree program

BS Degree is more preferred by the students and employers alike due to the better training in this field. BS degree also offers job opportunities and lucrative X Ray Technician Salary. The higher degree also prepares you for better position as a supervisor, administrator a specialist.

Accreditation and Licensure

The accreditation to the program is offered by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiology Technology. Next, you must pass the ARRT’s national certification exam. You must also keep your registration in current status by completing continuing education of 24 hours every other year.

X-ray Technician Salary

The average salary of an X Ray technician is around $ 53,000, ranging from$48,000 – $ 72,000. The basic reasons for the variation in the salary can be attributed to few important factors including:

Job Experience – Higher the job experience in X Ray imaging field, you will be paid good salary.

Education – The extensive training, education and qualification in this field can get you better position and attractive salary.

Job Location – If you choose bigger cities and metros for your employment, you can earn higher than working in small towns or urban centers.

Cost of Living – The higher cost of living in a state or city also earns you enhanced salary to meet the higher living expenses in these cities.

States – Different states also have variable X Ray technician salary structures, depending upon the state per capital income and economy.

Types of Work Places – If you work in a large hospital in big city, you will earn higher than working in a small town clinic.

Position – Working as an administrator, supervisor, and specialist or in a higher position can earn you handsome salary as compared to working as a traditional X Ray technician exposing images.

State s Paying Higher X-ray Technician Salary

A X Ray Technician can hope to receive higher salary in the state of Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), New Jersey (NJ), Nevada (ND), and California (CA).

It must also be noted that for an easy X Ray technician job with better earning and position, you must become a “registered” X Ray technician because many states and employers demand registrations. The eligibility to gain the registration requires graduation from an accredited x-ray tech program and passing the state licesing exam.

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