x-ray technician salary

x-ray technician salary -


X Ray technicians provide a very important role within the medical and healthcare community. They provide the information necessary to doctors in order for them to make an accurate diagnosis of the patient’s health risks, illness or disease.


There are numerous courses available on the web for students interested in becoming X Ray technicians (also referred to as radiologic technologists). It is important to bare in mind, however, that although the theoretical aspects of radiology can be studied online, on-site training is also required in order for the student to familiarise himself with the equipment used as part of this profession.


Before you enrol in an online course, first familiarise yourself with the minimum requirements stipulated by your chosen accredited institution. You would need to have completed courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, and a high school diploma is an absolute necessity.


  • Computer Equipment and Internet Access


In order for you to enrol for an online course, you will need to ensure that you have access to a computer that adheres to the system requirements for the course. You will require a reliable internet connection, as well as access to a printer and scanner.


This will enable you to interact with your lecturer, as well as to download the required course material, and upload documentation for assignment submissions. You would also be able to complete online examinations.


  • Enrolment and Online Study


Review the requirements set for enrolment at your accredited institution of choice. The available courses include associate degrees to bachelor degrees, and could take anything from 1 to 3 years to complete.


Most, if not all, of the following courses are included in your X Ray Technician degree:-


– Radiographic positioning;

– Patient care procedures;

– Radiation protection;

– Human anatomy and physiology;

– The functioning of the body;

– Principles of imaging;

– Diagnostic imaging research;

– Fluoroscopy imaging;

– Breast imaging;

– Radiation physics;

– Cardiovascular radiology;

– Chest radiology;

– Medical terminology;

– Medical ethics;

– Pathology.


  • Advantages of online study


As an online student, you have the added advantage of learning the computer skills required in your profession as X Ray technician. You will also learn how to use the applicable software applications and programmes related to the health care environment.


You not only gain the necessary knowledge pertaining to your particular field of study, but will also gain valuable business and health service administration knowledge, such as medical billing and coding, scheduling appointments, arranging hospital admissions, submitting insurance claims, ordering medical supplies, and calling in prescriptions.


As an X Ray technician, you will be required to keep record of x rays for future reference. Gaining experience in running and maintaining an online database would be to your utmost advantage.


An added advantage of this profession is that you would be able to practice all over the world. X Ray technicians are in high demand, and provides a good enough income to maintain a comfortable lifestyle.

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