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Average Salary of X Ray Technician Salary

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The current economic crisis, recent economic slowdown, scarcity of jobs in majority sectors and availability of abundant jobs in the medical field has made individuals to choose x-ray field for better Average Salary of X Ray Technician Salary.

You must also remember that earning of attractive salary is not enough in your field of job because, capturing of the images also exposes the x ray technician and patient both to radiation that may lead to cancer. Therefore, they are also taught in the radiation prevention measures by using aprons, veils and shields to cover the exposed body portion.

Average Salary of an X Ray Technician Salary

As an x-ray technician, your salary can be around $35,500 – $75,000 per annum and your median per hour wages can be to the tune of $25 to $39 & above. Average Salary of X Ray Technician Salary according to the Indeed is $53,000 as of March, 2012.

The variation in the salary can be attributed to various factors, each playing important role in deciding the salary.  These factors influencing the average x-ray technician salary can be summed up as follows:


Your education also makes an impact on your average earning as an x ray technician. If you pursue advance education for longer duration for higher degrees, you can earn better salary and position than a certificate holder.

Medical Centers

The type of facilities also decides your salaries. If you work in hospital or surgical units, you will be paid higher – per hour average salary of $27 than working in a physician’s office or outpatient care center, where your salary may be $24 per hour.


Being a common x tray technician in a clinic or diagnostic center may earn you lower as compared to the position of an administrator and supervisor that are paid high salaries. As a Radiologic Technician Mammography and Mammography Technician you can earn lucrative salary, whereas being an ordinary x ray technician will earn you a low average salary.


The better the working experience, higher will be your salary and position. If you posses job experience of 5 to 10 years, you can expect better average salary than a fresher or 1-2 years experienced x-ray technician.


You must understand that almost all states have common X ray technician salary structures but few states such a MA, Nevada, New jersey, California, Maryland, Hawaii, and Maryland pays far better than many other states.

Cost of Living

Cost of living also plays a role in your salary estimation.  For example, if you work in big cities and metros such as New York, Washington DC and others, can earn you higher salaries because costs of living in these areas are very high. For any item purchased in these cities by you requires paying extra because of higher prices and you can only manage your cost of living if you are paid higher. But, same is not the case with the clinics located in the urban and rural centers. In these areas cost of living is lower and lower salary can survive you.

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