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X Ray Medical Technician Salary

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Who are X Ray Medical Technicians? X Ray Medical Technicians are these medical professionals that expose x-rays of the internal human body for diagnosis and treatments of injuries, diseases and ailments in the various types of medical settings. They perform their film exposing tasks using radiographic equipment and in course of executing their duties they will also have to monitor, position patient – turning and lifting.  The x-ray equipments are positioned at the exact needed angle and height of the specific part of the body of which x-rays must be captured.

The rapid advancement in the medical technology advancements and innovations in the medical field, disease treatment progression monitoring and steady growth of ageing population have resulted in greater demand of these medical professionals and they are paid attractive X Ray Medical Technician Salary.

X Ray Medical Technician Qualities

It is necessary that these film exposing technicians must have patience and compassionate nature because patients visiting them may be from all age group, children, teenagers to elderly citizens. Few of them may have limited mobility or their ailments may have made them irksome, and as a x ray technician attending them, they must deal with each and every patient in most humbly and amicably, and make them as comfortable as possible. They must also explain patiently about the x ray procedures to the patients.

But, remember they must never discuss about the findings of the x-ray with the patients. The diagnosis and explaining to the patient must be left to the radiologists and physicians.

Job Places

X Ray Medical Technician can be found working in varied types of medical settings including hospitals, x-ray clinics, diagnostic and sonography centers, radiology clinics, doctor’s offices and dental offices. They must also be trained, skillful and knowledgeable in different aspects of x-ray filming techniques and use of medical x-ray equipments.

In addition, their specialties also include uses of advance equipments, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT), sonography and mammography.

Though, many x-ray medical technicians use diagnostic equipments in the diagnostic centers or clinics, few even visit the residence of the patient’s home or at their bed side by carrying the sophisticated diagnostic equipments in a van.


The use of the x-ray equipments and capturing of films are not without health hazards and risks. The radiation that comes out of the machine while filming x rays can result in dreaded cancer. These reasons require implementing proper precautions to minimize the risks and risk prevention procedures includes shielding the exposed part of the body and shielding them with plates, gloves and aprons. They also wear badges to measure exposure of radiation in the working area and proper records of the same are kept.

X Ray Medical Technician Salary

The salary of X Ray Medical Technician is not similar in all medical centers where they work. It varies among the employers and centers. In diagnostic and medical laboratories they are paid better – around $55,000, as compared to working in the physician’s office – $49,000(App.), according to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics average salary lists.

In addition, the work experience, education and specialty in this field, geographical location, cost of living and states also have a role in deciding X Ray Medical Technician Salary.

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