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x-ray technician salary -

X Ray Technician Education Requirements

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X Ray technicians are fully trained in the x ray technology field through classroom instructions and clinical practicum for carrying x ray imaging procedures for diagnosis and treatment of illness, injuries and diseases among different age group people.

An aspiring medical student aiming for the x-ray technician field can have various options to complete their education and training. The basic X Ray Technician Education Requirements that can provide you knowledge and skills for carrying out various X-ray procedures include:

  • Certificate program
  • Associate Degree Program
  • Bachelor Degree Program

The report of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on the radiology technician education, informs that in 2009, there were 213 certificate programs, 397 associate’s degree programs and 35 bachelor’s degree programs approved by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. The report can be availed by browsing (www.bls.gov).

The X Ray Technician education and training can be completed through 4 years community colleges, universities, technical institutes, trade schools, different wings of armed forces and hospitals

You must remember that the longer and better the education, attractive will be the salary and easy availability of the x-ray technician jobs that may even offer you a position of administrator, specialist or supervisor positions.

Certificate Program

You can complete x ray technician Certificate Program in 1-2 tears. The program curriculum includes attending both class room and clinical training. You will be instructed and trained in the use of x-ray equipments, capturing x-ray images and processing, and preventive measures. The earning of the certificate can avail you entry level position in x ray technician field.

Associate’s Degree

X-ray technician Associate’s degree programs can be completed in 2 years and requires attending both didactic and clinical trainings. The basic training and coursework include understanding of image capturing procedures and analysis, science and communication course work, radiographic physics and measures for radiation protection. The clinical part of the training also prepares you for patient care and practice in radiology.

Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology program has duration of 4 years. The program concentrates on basic radiology procedures, together with advance technology in radiology field, diagnostics, radiology safety measures, Mammography, positioning of the patient and radiology terminology.

The course work is devoted to radiology imaging procedures, research in special radiography process and pathology.

The supervised clinical hands-on experience is completed through rotations in differ health care settings.


The accreditation to the x-ray technology program is offered by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiology Technology.

Certification and Licensure

The professional career in the x ray technician field requires obtaining state licensure by passing the licensing exam as decided by the health and medical board of the states.

The certification can be gained by passing the American Registration of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification exam, after successful completion of the ARRT offered radiology certification programs. The Certification also gets you registered with AART and you can use the credential of a Registered Radiology Technician.

You must also remember that as of January 1, 2015, you must at least earn Associate Degree for eligibility to appear in the certification program and earning certification.

If you so desire, you can also opt for the post-primary certification in the specialized radiology technology field including cardiac intervention, diagnostic, sonography, mammography and radiology assistance.

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