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X Ray Technician Schools in Iowa

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If you want to enter medical field and earn attractive salaries in the state of IOWA, you must complete your x ray technician education and training from X Ray technician Schools in IOWA.

The best employment opportunities for X Ray Technicians in the state are available in the cities and urban areas of Sioux City, Davenport, Iowa City, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines because, 61% percent of the state’s population including increased number of elderly citizens resides in these areas. These areas also locates many big and small hospitals, clinics, diagnostic lab, x ray labs and physician’s offices, where the demand for x ray technicians for capturing images of different body parts is very high.

X Ray Technician Schools in Iowa Curriculum

The program curriculum of X Ray Technician Schools in Iowa comprises of classroom knowledge education and clinical hands-on experience in a supervised environment. The program duration is 2-4 years and can be completed from various community colleges and universities located in the state.

A student has the option to choose from 7 colleges offering radiology programs in the state. Few colleges specialize in certificate and associate programs, whereas a student can also attend bachelor or PhD program from the University of Iowa.

If you are a working professionals and not able to attend full time campus based classes, you can enquire with University of IOWA for part time studies or enroll in an online radiology program. But, remember that online program you are attending must be accredited by AART or its recognized accrediting agencies.

X Ray Technician Schools Course Curriculum

IA X Ray Technician Schools classroom instruction and clinical externship trains you in various fields, including communication, science, pathology, anatomy, radiographic physics, radiation protection, patient positioning, basic patient cares, body examining techniques and use of radiology equipments. The advance education trains you on specific image capturing techniques, sonography, mammography and ultra sound.

Certification and Licensure

The completion of AART approved x ray technician programs allows sitting in the AART certification test. If you are able to pass the exam, you will be awarded certification in radiology that also facilitates registration with AART. Once you are registered, you can use the title of “Registered Radiology assistant”. On the basis of your certification, you will also be granted a licensure for working in a variety of facilities, where you can implement your body part image capturing acumen and use of imaging equipments.

X Ray Technician Schools in Iowa Admission Requirements

Different colleges have their own admission requirements. Few schools require you to clear entrance exam with required scores, you must be free from criminal background, complete few pre-admission course works and possess minimum educational qualification.

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