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X Ray Technician Schools in Michigan

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X Ray Technicians are skilled in imaging technology and offer their services to varied medical settings, such as hospital, physician’s office, diagnostic imaging centers, x ray labs and clinics. Their job performance makes them a valuable member in any health care setting because the images captured by them assist the doctors to diagnose ailments and diseases for treatments. The schools and colleges offering x ray technician education is spread throughout the United States of America including Michigan.

X Ray Technician Schools in Michigan Overview

The knowledge and skill of imaging procedures are essential for exposing images of different internal body parts, preventive measures from the radiation arising through the x ray machines and diagnosis procedures for treatments. The required x ray technician skills can be gained through the classroom course education and clinical training from different accredited X Ray Technician Schools in Michigan. The clinical portion of the training is completed under the supervised environments.

There are over 8 x ray technician schools in MI and the students aiming to build their career in radiology imaging field have the option to choose from among them.

Though, different schools have their own tuition charges for the program but on an average around $5,253 per annum tuition cost can get you a degree in x ray technician education. Every year X Ray Technician Schools in Michigan graduates around 168 students, who are also eligible to sit in the American Registration of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) certification exam.

Siena Heights University

 Among the X Ray Technician Schools in Michigan, Siena Heights University located in Adrian is termed as the largest x ray technology school. In 2009, around 33 students graduated from the Siena Heights University. The graduated students were 33% of the total x ray technician graduates from different schools. The tuition cost of the Siena Height was also higher, coming to around $19,210 per year.

MI X ray technician program Curriculum

The program curriculum of the X Ray Technician Schools in Michigan depends on the schools offering the program. The length of the program may be 1-4 years. You can earn certificate attending 1 year program, 2 years program can offer you associate degree and 4 years program can grant you a bachelor’s degree.  Most of the students opt for 2 years associate degree program because this program can provide you needed knowledge in radiology imaging field and also earn you attractive salary. The certificate program can only prepare you for the entry level positions. The 4 year Bachelor degree program provides you advanced education in special radiology imaging.

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