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X Ray Technician Schools in Mississippi

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The unemployment rate of 9.9 % (p) in Jan 2012 in Mississippi is the primary reason for choosing the health care field by the students and job seekers for easy employment opportunities. Individuals who want to enter health care field but do not want to offer practical nursing cares can enroll in X Ray Technician Schools in Mississippi to work as a radiology technician.

MS X Ray Technician Schools Overview

X  Ray Technician Schools in Mississippi graduates around 130 students each year, who are also qualified for the American Registration of Radiologic Technologists certification exam (ARRT). You must understand that the students who complete AART or its recognized accrediting agency accredited X ray technician program are eligible to sit in the AART certification exam. You must also further note that the working permission as an x ray technician can only be offered if you pass the certification exam and get registered.

 X  Ray Technician Schools in Mississippi programs

There are around 10 radiology technician schools and community colleges located in different locations in MS. The x ray technician program cost in these schools is around $1,900, depending upon the training providers.  The curriculum of the program is 1-4 years for different programs. The most common program sought after by the most of the students is Associate Degree program. The program can be completed in 2 years attending classroom course instructions and clinical rotations in different medical units under a supervised environment.

The 2 year associate program trains you in image exposures and prevention procedures, earning you better salary than a certificate holding x ray technician, who is granted a certificate after the completion of one year certificate program.  But, the best salary is offered to a technician that complete 4 years baccalaureate degree programs and earn bachelor degree in x ray technician program.

The clinical practicum starts after the completion of the classroom instructions and you will gain the practical experience of what you have been instructed during the classroom education.

Copiah-Lincoln Community College

In the state of Mississippi, Copiah-Lincoln Community College can be ranked as the largest radiology technician school and 17% of the combined X Ray Technician Schools in Mississippi students, numbering 22students graduated from the Copiah-Lincoln with a radiology technician degree.

You must also enquire around the state of MS for the school that can provide you best education in the radiology field and offer tuition costs afforded by you.

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