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x-ray technician salary -

X Ray Technician schools in Nevada

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In the United States of America, the state of Nevada is for its entertainment city – Las Vegas, and tourists flock for its glimmering night life and natural beauties.
In addition, Nevada is also known for paying high salaries to medical and health care professionals in the state. An X Ray Technician or Radiology Technician is paid 2nd highest salary around $65,000 among the 50 states of the US. Only, Massachusetts pays better salary- $67,000 (approximately) to a radiology technician.

The better earning opportunities in the state are the main reason that has urged increased number of students to complete their radiology programs from Nevada. To cater to the educational need of the students, few X Ray Technician schools in Nevada have also come up and enroll the aspiring students for different programs.

X Ray Technician Schools in Nevada

The schools, colleges and universities in NV offer various types of radiology programs through classroom education and clinical practicum in different medical centers in a supervised environment. The common programs prepares students for x ray image exposure, operation of x ray equipments and preventive measures, whereas advance level training also prepares them in advance field – mammography, sonography, cardiovascular-interventional radiography, CT-scan, bone densitometry, digital imaging and nuclear medicine.

Important NV Radiology Program

The important programs that can be completed from X Ray Technician schools in Nevada include:

Certificate Program – offers entry level job positions. The program can be completed in 1-2 years. This program is also very common among other field qualified nursing and medical professionals, such as RN, LPN and others that want to change their job and wish to enter radiology field. The short period certificate program is most ideal for them because they have already gained enough nursing care knowledge and training during their nursing degree perusal. The radiology program attended by them now trains them in x ray imaging field.

Associate Degree program – has a length of 2 years and on graduating the candidates are awarded an Associate Degree in radiology. The students holding associate degrees are paid better salaries and this program is also most popular and sought after by the students.

Bachelor Degree – is a 4 year long degree program and students aiming for higher level positions, such as educators, administrators and supervisors can attend 4 year baccalaureate degree programs. The program also trains student in advance specific radiology imaging techniques.

Important X Ray Technician Schools in Nevada

  • Great Basin College, Elko NV – Program –Bachelor Degree
  • Kaplan College, Las Vegas, ND, Program –  Diploma
  • Pima Medical Institute- Las Vegas, Las Vegas ND. Program – Associate Degree
  • University of Nevada- Las Vegas, ND. Program –  PhD

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