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X-Ray Technician Schools in New Mexico

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The students of New Mexico who are jobless and wish to build career in a sector that earn handsome salary then they should choose radiology as their career option. The NM X- ray technician program can lead them to the initial level position in the radiologic field. It is also a fact that the demand of X-ray technicians is high in the state because there are very less active radiologists in NM. According to the Labor Statistics Bureau of America, job opportunities for the post of radiology technician will increase by 16% in coming five years. So, it is meaningful and valuable to become a Radiology technician in NM.

List of X-Ray Technician Schools in New Mexico

The students can pursue radiology technician training program in any 1 of the 7 RT colleges available in NM, named as:

  • Clovis Community College
  • University of New Mexico- Main Campus
  • Eastern New Mexico University
  • Central New Mexico Community College
  • Northern New Mexico College
  • New Mexico State University
  • Pima Medical Institute

The candidates should know that Pima Medical College is ranked as number 1 X-ray technician college in the state because highest numbers of students graduate with credentials in radiology technician from the same school in the year 2009.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicants must understand that they will not be allowed to get admission in any of the X-ray technician schools in New Mexico until they clear the background check and meet with the other enrollment requisites.

Curriculum of Radiology Technician Training Program

The RT colleges offer various radiology technician programs in NM. The Contenders can select one of the programs according to their interest and desire. But, the applicant should go for the program, which is more useful and beneficially for them like- the fresher candidate can go for associate degree program or a bachelor’s degree, whereas the registered nurses or LPNs that have a desire to become X-ray technician should choose the certification program. The tenure of each program is distinct and so as the tuition fee per year.

It is a known fact that RT earns fruitful salary along with number of lucrative benefits, but the aspirants that wish to make more or surplus income can also complete several additional certification program available in New Mexico including- Computed Tomography Advance Technical Certificate, Sonography Technical Certificate and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Advance Technical certificate and many other programs.

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