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X-Ray Technician Schools in North Dakota

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X-ray technician play an important role in the treatment procedure of the clients because they capture the images of inner body parts of the residents and such reports help the physicians or doctors in diagnosing disorders of the internal body parts. The applicants that have interest in making their future in the field of health care should know that the X-ray technicians are very few in North Dakota, whereas their demand is on the heights in the state. So, the applicants should choose radiology as their career option and should pursue X-ray technician training program in ND.

List of RT Schools in ND

There are around 2 accredited X-ray technician schools in North Dakota and they are:

  • University of Mary
  • North Dakota State University- Main Campus

The aspirants must understand that to get admission in any of the AART-approved radiology technician college of the state, applicant must meet with all the required eligibility standards.

Features of X-ray Technician Program

After clearing the background test and fulfilling the eligibility criteria, candidates are required to select one of the programs offered by the X-ray technician schools in North Dakota. The tenure of all RT technician program generally ranges from 1 to 4 years.

In the training program, aspirants are taught a number of radiologic subjects including- X Ray Equipment and Maintenance, Radiation Protection, Radiographic Positioning, Anatomy, Office Procedures and Film Processing. In addition, applicants are also made aware about the various basic concepts of radiology.

In the lab practice session of the training, candidates are made to practice all the skills that are taught to them in the theoretical section of the training including- how to prepare the residents for x-ray procedure. Also the applicants are made aware about the several preventive measures that should be taken while performing X-ray, MRI or other sorts of process.

Examination and Certification

On the successful accomplishment of the radiology technician program, candidates have all the rights to appear in the certification exam proposed by AART. The aspirants who get through the exam are tagged as Registered Radiologist Assistant and even get a certificate.


X-ray technicians are offered lucrative salary with a number of additional benefits. The amount of radiology technician’s salary depends upon their qualification, education, experience and shape of the employing health care organization. The average salary that an X-ray technician earns in North Dakota is between $46,000 and $55,000 per annum.

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