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X Ray Technician Schools in Oregon

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X Ray Technicians are important members of the medical team in health care facilities and clinics. The job duties of radiology technicians are vital to doctors for carrying out diagnosis and treatment procedures. A patient suffering from ailments or injuries are directed to imaging labs of hospitals, diagnostic centers and clinics for x rays of the affected part of the body. On the basis of x ray report and after analyzing the images exposed by the x ray technicians, the doctor diagnose and prescribe treatment procedures. X Ray Technician Schools are spread throughout the United States of America including Oregon.

X Ray Technician Schools in Oregon Overview

The number of students enrolling in the x ray technician schools in OR is in the rise due to the constant rise of ageing population and increments in injuries and accidents and rise in common and chronic diseases. These factors also lead to higher employment opportunities for X Ray Technician. The reason is, imaging of the affected body parts is essential for effective diagnosis and treatments and these image capturing performances are best carried by the certified x ray technicians.

X ray Technician Program Curriculum

The knowledge and skills gained by attending classroom education and clinical practicum in the different X Ray Technician Schools in Oregon will prepare students for entry level to advance level imaging job performance in hospitals, clinics and diagnostic imaging centers. The students can select the programs of their own choice and satisfaction. Different programs have their own specific time period, ranging from 1 year to 4 years including, Certificate program, Associate program and Bachelor’s Degree Program

Certificate program Features

  • Require attending classroom course and clinical hands-on experience
  • Program duration is one year long
  • Best suited for candidates seeking short duration program
  • Basically, RNs and other medical professionals wishing to change their jobs complete Certificate program.

Associate degree Program Features

  • Classroom education and clinical rotation
  • Program has a duration of 2 years
  • Most common program attended by majority students
  • Students learn basic x ray imaging procedures, operation of x ray equipments, preventive measures and positioning of patient.
  • 2 years X ray technician degree holders get easy employments and better salaries are offered.

Bachelor Degree program Characteristics

  • The total training requires 4 years to complete.
  • Students are thoroughly trained in general and advance imaging procedures.
  • Candidates are employed for higher level job positions including supervisors, administrators and educators.
  • Able to perform MRI, sonography, CT Scan and others.

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