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X Ray Technician Schools in South Carolina

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How completion of the radiology imaging program from the X Ray Technician Schools in South Carolina benefits you? If you are a resident of South Carolina, you must be fully aware that the state is reeling under the employment crisis that have already crossed the mark of 9 %( p) in Feb 2012, according to the American bureau of labor statistics. Moreover, the state is also facing acute nursing and medical personnel shortages and most of the health care and medical sectors always have the job openings for these personnel for radiology imaging procedures.

Therefore, if you can pursuer accredited radiology program from the state and earn AART offered certification, you will be immediately offered jobs in hospitals, diagnostic centers, x ray labs and others. The salary offered to you will also be attractive as compared to salaries paid to entry level medical professionals.

The necessary knowledge, skills and trainings in the radio logy field are offered by different X Ray Technician Schools in South Carolina. You can attend, campus based, part time, evening or online classes to complete your radiology programs.

X Ray Technician Schools in South Carolina

At present there are around 11 accredited X Ray Technician Schools located in different parts of SC. Different schools, community colleges and tech schools can provide you an option of obtaining varied Certificate and degrees in the radiology imaging field. The most common and popular degrees offered by these schools include:

  • X ray Technician Certificate
  • X ray Technician associate degree
  • X ray technician bachelor’s degree

Certificate – The certificate program is of very short duration and can be completed in one year. The holder of a certificate can look forward for entry level jobs in x ray technology field. Mostly individuals searching for the employments in a short period of time, RNs, LPNs and other medical personnel wishing to change their jobs enroll for certificate program.

Associate degree – program can be completed in 2 years time period and on completion the students are awarded Associate Degree in radiology. Currently, this program is most popular program pursued by the students because the program not only offer you training in x ray imaging field and operation and maintenance of x ray machines but also offers you attractive salary.

Bachelors Degree – The baccalaureate degree program in radiology requires four years to complete and on completion students are awarded bachelor’s degree in radiology.  The professionals and students aiming for higher level job positions such as supervisors, administrators and educators can complete bachelor’s degree program for higher level employments and better salary.

The accreditation to the x ray technician schools in SC is offered by the

Becoming an x-ray technician in South Carolina (SC) is made simpler by the wide array of campus and online x-ray technician programs in South Carolina.

Training programs for most careers in healthcare in South Carolina last between one and four years. This is also true for X-Ray Technicians. Those who want to find work in supervisory or administrative roles are best advised to pursue a four-year bachelor degree program at an accredited school, college, or university.  However, two-year associate degree programs, as well as accelerated one-year programs are sometimes available. Once your training is completed through an accredited program, you will need to pass a certification exam through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

South Carolina XRAY Technician Certification – South Carolina Radiation Quality Standards Association

  • Aiken Technical College, Aiken, SC
  • Florence-Darlington Technical College, Florence, SC
  • Greenville Technical College, Greenville, SC
  • Horry-Georgetown Technical College, Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Midlands Technical College, Columbia, SC
  • Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College, Orangeburg, SC
  • Piedmont Technical College, Greenwood, SC
  • Technical College of the Lowcountry, Beaufort, SC
  • Trident Technical College, Charleston, SC
  • Spartanburg Community College, Spartanburg, SC

York Technical College, Rock Hill, SC

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