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X Ray Technician Schools in Tennessee

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Tennessee is17th most densely populated state among the 50 states of the United States of America. The unemployment rate of the state is also very high and have reached to a staggering figure of 8.0 %( p) in Feb 2012, according to the American bureau of labor statistics. But, it is also a known fact that the state is reeling under the acute nursing and medical personnel shortages, and the health care industry of the state is the highest employment provider. The densely populated cities, residing increased ageing population and location of many big and small healthcare facilities are the primary factors for the easy medical employment opportunities in the state.

X Ray Technician Schools in Tennessee Overview

Currently, there are around 12 X Ray Technician Schools in Tennessee that can train you in radiology imaging field.  The knowledge and skills thus gained through the program make you proficient in capturing the images of internal body parts that helps the doctor in diagnosis and treatment of various types of ailments, injuries and diseases. The exposed images of the specific internal body parts exactly show the affected areas and nature of ailments. The doctors analyze the x ray samples and offer treatments on the basis of these reports for the quick recovery of the patients.

Certificate and Degrees

The various types of certificate and degrees provided by X Ray Technician Schools in Tennessee to the graduating students include:

Certificate – is offered to candidates that have completed one year certificate program. Mostly medical professionals such as RNs and other medical personnel wishing to change over to radiology field from nursing field can complete short duration certificate program.

Associate degree – is granted to graduates from associate degree programs.  This program is also most common and popular among the students because in addition to the training in x ray imaging, the salary offered is also attractive. The employment prospects of the associate degree holders are very bright in TN as their demand in hospitals, diagnostic centers, X ray labs, clinics and physician’s office is very high.

Bachelor degree – the 4 year bachelor degree program offers advance specific imaging field knowledge and skills. The advance educations with additional training also make you proficient in performing MRI, CT scan, Sonography and others. Mostly, candidates aiming for the higher level job positions such as supervisor, administrator and educators complete 4 years baccalaureate degree programs in radiology.

Important X ray Technician Schools in Tennessee

  • South College, TN
  • Jackson State Community College, TN
  • Anthem Career College-Nashville, Tennessee
  • Volunteer State Community College, TN
  • Chattanooga State Community College, , Tennessee
  • Anthem Career College-Memphis, Tennessee
  • Chattanooga State Community College, TN
  • MedVance Institute-Nashville/KIMC Investments, Inc., TN
  • MedVance Institute-Cookeville/KIMC Investments, Inc., TN
  • Columbia State Community College, TN
  • Southwest Tennessee Community College, TN
  • Baptist Memorial College of Health Sciences, Tennessee
  • Roane State Community College, , TN

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