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X ray Technician Schools in West Virginia

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In the United States of America, the state of West Virginia is 37th most populated State. Though, the population is lower as compared to many other densely populated  states, WV still resides increased number of ageing population in town and cities and locates many diagnostic centers and clinics and hospitals that are always in need of x ray technicians for imaging procedures. Moreover, the state is also passing through the nursing and medical shortages resulting in higher demands of the X ray Technicians.

The images of internal body structure captured by an X ray technician assists the doctors in diagnosis and treatment of various types of ailments, injuries and diseases because the images of the affected body parts exactly shows the affected areas and the nature of ailments. The doctors analyze the x ray samples and offer treatments on the basis of these reports for the quicker recovery of the patients.

However, the job opportunities in the medical field as an X ray technician cannot be granted to you, unless you are thoroughly trained in this field through the accredited radiology training program offered by the X ray Technician Schools in West Virginia and possess an x ray certification awarded by the AART after passing the certification exam. In addition, you must also be registered with the AART and licensed by the West Virginia Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners.

X ray Technician Schools in West Virginia

The students aspiring to become an x ray technician in WV can avail variable options to complete their radiology programs.  They can attend campus based programs or accredited online classes. There are around 9 X ray Technician Schools colleges and tech schools that can provide you skills and knowledge in the radiology field.

 If you are a nursing professional like a RN or LPN and want to change job from nursing to radiology field, you can opt for a college that offers Certificate after one year. But, if the salary is your main motto; you can pursue associate degree programs that can be completed in 2 years and award you an associate degree. Similarly, if higher level job positions are your wish, you can complete 4 years baccalaureate degree program in advance imaging field for earning a bachelor’s degree in radiology.

Important X ray Technician Schools in West Virginia

  • Milwaukee Area Technical College, WI
  • Lakeshore Technical College, WI
  • Blackhawk Technical College, WI
  • Chippewa Valley Technical College WI
  • Moraine Park Technical College, WI
  • Madison Area Technical College, WI
  • Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, WI
  • Western Technical College, WI
  • Northcentral Technical College, WI

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