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X-Ray Technicians Schools in Connecticut

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The applicants interested in building their career in the field of health and medical care as a Radiology technician should move to Connecticut to achieve their goal because there is wide range of x ray technician job opportunities in CT. According to the Labor Statistics Bureau of America, X-ray technicians can expect growth rate of 15% in their jobs each year. The candidates can even pursue the radiology technician program in the state because there are two X-ray technician schools in Connecticut that offer efficient and quality training and they are:

  • Quinnipiac University
  • University of Hartford

Radiology Technician Program in Quinnipiac University

The Quinnipiac University teaches the use of radiations for analysis of human body. The university offers a 4 year bachelor’s degree program and a 5 year master degree program.
The candidates can choose bachelors of Science in diagnostic imaging to become a radiographer. In these 48 months training programs, candidates are offered knowledge on various subjects including- radiology, radiography and other related studies courses. The applicants are made to perform distinct X-ray skills in the radiology clinics and hospitals.

The applicants are also provided education on various X-ray related topics, like- mammography, bone densitometry, MRI and Sonography in their bachelor’s degree program. In the last year of graduation program, aspirants can select courses on computer science, marketing, science or management to mainly focus on a specific field. On the completion of the graduation, applicants are eligible to appear in the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists certification examination.

The aspirants are required to accomplish bachelor’s degree program in order to get the eligibility to pursue Master of Health Science Radiologist Assistant Degree. In the master degree program, the aspirants are keenly trained to handle the difficult job duties and responsibilities of radiologist assistant.

Apart from these programs there are several other programs that applicants can pursue, such as- radiology technology certificate, MRI certificate and CT certificate.

Job Opportunities and Placement

There are around 2900 active radiology technicians in CT, but these X-ray technicians are not enough toprovide the radiologic services to the huge population of the state and hence, the demand of RTs is high in the state. So, the talented and well qualified candidate can easily find a job of X-ray technician in the nursing settings of the state. The radiologists can work in a varied health care facilities including- hospitals, nursing home, Sonography centers, diagnosis unit, CT scan center, physician’s clinic and many others.

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